A Project Rooted in Academia

We’ve learned from our predecessors and we’re building on their legacies to create scalable, accessible, and better technologies that honor their work and our own

The Conflux Network was founded in 2018, based on the breakthrough Tree-Graph consensus algorithm developed in the research lab of Turing Award recipient Prof. Andrew Yao.

In 2020, Conflux established the Tree-Graph Research Institute in partnership with the government of Shanghai and the Key Laboratory of Blockchain Infrastructure & Applications with the government of Hunan. Initiated by our founder Dr. Fan Long, the Tree-Graph Research Institute was created to further the development of the underlying infrastructure of the Conflux public blockchain. As respected advocates of public blockchain infrastructure in China, Conflux continues to lead education and research in blockchain development.

The Tree-Graph Institute

Our Team

The core leadership team of Conflux Network is comprised of prominent researchers, scientists and business leaders with collective experience across the fields of distributed systems, computer science, cybersecurity, cryptography, game theory, economics and finance and more.


Fan Long

Founder President, Tree-Graph Blockchain Research Institute


YuanJie Zhang



Ming Wu

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer


Andreas Veneris



Andreas Park