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Orient Lands

Orient Lands is an NFT-based metaverse where players can explore and socialize in a bustling city.

In the Orient Lands metaverse, players will start their adventure in the heart of the city, where they can explore and socialize with other players. As they progress through the game, they can own the flats, customize them to their liking, or even lease them out to other players for passive income. The cities inside Orient Lands will have various districts with unique styles and attractions, such as shops, cafes, and galleries. Players can also participate in mini-games and challenges scattered throughout the city to earn rewards and boost their character's skills. These mini-games range from skill-based challenges like parkour or puzzles to luck-based games like a virtual casino. Additionally, the roadmap includes incorporating periodic events that offer exclusive rewards and experiences. With the activities and customization options available, players will never run out of ways to have fun and explore Orient Lands.

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