Impact Through Innovation

Our mission is to be a catalyst for the borderless economy

Through blockchain and other emerging technologies, the path to globalization and connectivity is accelerating— yet barriers still exist.

For every barrier, there is a catalyst for a new kind of connectivity. Conflux Network is that catalyst.

As the only regulatory compliant, public, and permissionless blockchain in China, Conflux is building a borderless transactional and technological ecosystem for globally-minded crypto projects, extending beyond China to North America, Russia, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and the rest of the world.

Our Principles


The software we create is a public good, available as open source for anyone to share, modify and benefit from. Openness, not regulation, is what creates blockchain's security and reliability


We believe in fair and open access to emerging technologies. This extends to actively connecting communities, projects and economies across borders and protocols


We see Conflux as the catalyst for facilitating secure transfer of assets of value, quickly, efficiently, and with little to no fees, so that everyone can participate and benefit from the new global economy


We strive for complete openness with our community, stakeholders and core team. We're not perfect, but we are honest about our shortcomings, and where we can improve


Decentralization is a core focus within our organization, and across the projects we build. Our consensus algorithm was specifically designed to maximize security and scalability, without sacrificing decentralization