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We've integrated familiar tools and programming languages into our developer environment to help accelerate dApp development


Track Network transactions, block height, hash rate and tokens through an easy to use block-explorer

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Fluent Wallet

Fluent is a simple and secure web-based wallet for Conflux that enables connectivity and control of your assets.

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A browser based integrated development environment that can be accessed from any web browser

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Conflux Truffle

Conflux Truffle has the same features and user experience as the EVM version. It has been ported to work seamlessly with the Conflux network

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Conflux Studio

A graphic IDE to help easily deploy smart contracts and dApps on Conflux

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Familiar tools in multiple programming languages to help accelerate application development

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Conflux 101 — The basics of building on Conflux

Building dApps with Decentology

Building with Reach, a blockchain agnostic programming language