Educational Programs

Education is the key to mainstream adoption.

As Conflux expands globally, we are focused on building a network of educational programs targeting students and developers in under-served markets

Conflux in Latin America

The Global Team has partnered with LatAm Tech to build an introductory course to teach basic blockchain concepts to students in Latin America.

Compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and the use of Solidity as a programming language for smart contracts facilitate quicker and simpler onboarding for devs.

After completing our course, students will have the skills needed to create smart contracts, tokens, and dApps.

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Beidou Initiative China

Beidou Initiative Initiative offers university students the opportunity to learn from and engage with the Conflux core team through virtual learning. With a focus on both development and entrepreneurship, students gain exposure to smart contract development and blockchain business models, while earning a blockchain certificate issued by the Shanghai Municipal Government.

The program culminates in a capstone project where top students and teams are shortlisted for Conflux ecosystem grants.

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Conflux in Africa

In 2019, Conflux set up a base in Nigeria. Since then we have been able to secure local enterprise partnerships and build a community of 5000+

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